Monday, July 12, 2010

the quest for the perfect character design..

I've got this idea for a short but I keep getting stuck on the character designs. She's...kind of a wannabe princess, but I think most of the drawings I've done of her make her look far too young. Before I had much of the story down i did these designs which i was happy with at the time but, once i started fleshing out the story, i think she's too young.
(done back in 2008)

After some time away from the project, I really hit the story side harder, fleshing it out and doing some ruf boards. After that I took another stab at the design. None of them really jumped out at me. Also I started watching Princess & the Frog towards the end of doing these (the ones on the left were actually last) and I think it's funny how much the designs loosened up.
 (April 2010)

I tried again today, this time with a much more traditional Disney-ish look to her. I like how she turned out but I still think she looks too young :/ Maybe I'll try playing it out and see if it's really as off as I think it is. Even if I don't use her for that, I still think it's a cute design :D

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