Sunday, January 23, 2011

Animation Gold Mine

I haven't yet posted any outside links on this blog, but if only for my records in holding on to these i must engrave in internet stone the wonderful animation links I found the other day.

Scans from the out of print French book, Les Heroines Disney

Dailymation - the near daily animation exercises of Yoni Goodman, Director of Animation on Waltz with Bashir (also posted on YouTube)

Also this pencil test from Pinocchio (which apparently Dagny posted a while back but I am a terrible friend and missed it)

That is all for now. Hope to have my own animation to update with sometime soon :D

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Daily Sketch Challenge A-J

So the great Atlanta snow/ice storm last week kinda threw me off my groove. I worked at home all week which kind of altered my state of mind for working on personal stuff. There's a community at Outcast Studios and "simulcast" on deviantart called the "Daily Sketch Challenge". Every day they post a character (sometimes very obscure!) for everyone to draw. The point is less to come up with a finished work of art (though that's welcome as well) but for 15-20 minute sketches just to get you drawing every day. I figured a good way of jamming myself back onto the drawing wagon was catching up on the current run of alphabet challenges. So here's A-J!

(click for enlarged version)

A is for Azrael, B is for Balder the Brave, C is for Casanova, D is for Dead Girl, E is for Etrigan, F is for Flamebird, G is for The Great Machine, H is for Hourman III, I is for Imorrtus, and J is for Joker (Dark Knight version).

I'm not really familiar with most of these characters (except Joker) so it turned mostly into a fanart lifedrawing project. I'm quite pleased with Balder, Dead Girl, and Flamebird.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Bjorn Gunndis!

There's a neat community on deviantart for designing characters based off prompts and shapes. This month there is a theme challenge:

"A heavy, grumpy viking who doesn't care much for combing his/her hair, has a smoking and drinking habit, loves to get into fights"

So here is what I came up with. I have named her "Bjorn Gunndis" which means Bear Battle Maiden. Totally looked up Norse baby names.

Week 01 Life Drawing

Made it the whole week! Lots of randomness, all drawn from reference of various types. 1/7 features the life drawing turned into Kristaia, my account namesake, who i haven't drawn in a very very long time. 1/6 has some bats because a friend told me to draw bats. I aim to please.

*click for a larger version* 

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Ladies & fabric

I've realized that when it comes to photographic reference for life drawing or posing, searching through stock photos on deviantart beats out any pose/reference books i've seen being sold out there. And it's free! so massive win there.

Keeping with the 'i suck at fabric' theme, found some really nice photos with drapery and dresses here and I know I will be back for many more.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

1.1.11 Life Drawing

So I'm going for that oh so common new years resolution of artists to draw atleast *something* every day. Decided to start out with two things i suck at: dudes and fabric. Drawn from ref material from the Comic Artist's Photo Ref. Here's to 2011!