Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Fanart Explosion!

I looove doing fanart. So nice to just focus on the technical aspects of drawing and not having to come up with the design of what to draw.

There's a group on deviantart called Daily Sketch Challenge (which is linked to Outcast Studio's forum) that posts a character every day. Participants submit 15-30 minute sketches, with the emphasis being just picking up a pencil (or stylus) and drawing every day. It's a low pressure community that just encourages drawing and not on creating a polished finished piece. Here's a couple 15-20 minute drawings i did for the group:

Saturn Girl

Tomorrow Woman

aaand some personal fanart. if you're going to spend any time on my blog you should know that my favorite subjects for fanart are X-Men and Sailormoon. prepared for that.

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