Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Fanart Explosion!

I looove doing fanart. So nice to just focus on the technical aspects of drawing and not having to come up with the design of what to draw.

There's a group on deviantart called Daily Sketch Challenge (which is linked to Outcast Studio's forum) that posts a character every day. Participants submit 15-30 minute sketches, with the emphasis being just picking up a pencil (or stylus) and drawing every day. It's a low pressure community that just encourages drawing and not on creating a polished finished piece. Here's a couple 15-20 minute drawings i did for the group:

Saturn Girl

Tomorrow Woman

aaand some personal fanart. if you're going to spend any time on my blog you should know that my favorite subjects for fanart are X-Men and Sailormoon. prepared for that.

Monday, July 12, 2010

the quest for the perfect character design..

I've got this idea for a short but I keep getting stuck on the character designs. She's...kind of a wannabe princess, but I think most of the drawings I've done of her make her look far too young. Before I had much of the story down i did these designs which i was happy with at the time but, once i started fleshing out the story, i think she's too young.
(done back in 2008)

After some time away from the project, I really hit the story side harder, fleshing it out and doing some ruf boards. After that I took another stab at the design. None of them really jumped out at me. Also I started watching Princess & the Frog towards the end of doing these (the ones on the left were actually last) and I think it's funny how much the designs loosened up.
 (April 2010)

I tried again today, this time with a much more traditional Disney-ish look to her. I like how she turned out but I still think she looks too young :/ Maybe I'll try playing it out and see if it's really as off as I think it is. Even if I don't use her for that, I still think it's a cute design :D

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Squidbillies sculpts

I did these a while ago (between june-december of 2008) but in an effort to keep updating this, i'll throw in some older stuff from time to time. We have Early, Rusty, Squid Jesus, and Herschel Walker. Early is about an inch tall and Herschel is 3/8" tall. They're all moostly to scale to each other.

Honestly, these started because I was kind of disappointed in the actual figures that came out (the Early one had a zillion legs). I was very proud that most views of of these show the "on model" number of legs. 

Anyway, new stuff coming soon!

Monday, July 5, 2010


I periodically like to scour deviantART for good photos to draw from, and I found some awesome action shots this time around. Check my posting at dA here if you'd like to see the photos I drew from.