Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Aerialist Life Drawing!

Last night Dr. Sketchy's had a life drawing session with a bunch of aerialists and hoops hanging from the ceiling. Very exciting! Also another chance to use my new pen and pencils! Double exciting!

1 minute warmups
10 minute (unless they couldn't hold it that long) poses

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

yay fanart!

there's always something to draw with fanart..

i got some new drawing stuff i wanted to break in and, when in doubt, there's always sailor moon.

I got several different colors of Pentel color eno 0.7 lead which I love. I really like drawing with colored lead, but those Staedler drafting pencil leads are so thick, it's nearly impossible to get any detail in. The Pentel hi-polymer soft eraser also does a kickass job of erasing those colored pencil lines which can often be stubborn. I also got a 0.4 Pilot Hi-Tec-C black pen which I adore. It feels so awesome to draw with and I love the loose line quality. Happiness is new art supplies!