Wednesday, February 9, 2011

11 Second Club WIP Keys

Calling it a night but figured i'd do a WIP post. It's early on (in the process and the month) so feel free to critique. Just know I've barely touched the dude on the right, I just put him there to giver her a set spot to look at.

Pardon the ghosting at the beginning. For WIP posts I'll only give Flash 15 minutes to stop being a bitch and export properly. I think I tried atleast 6 times with the same result. What's up with that, Adobe? Didn't have that problem in Flash 8, now, did we?

Audio is from "Garden State". If you dont' know what 11 Second Club is you can check it out here.

edit: holy crap the beginning looks washed out on that player. i'll fix it in the next post :/

double edit: there seems to be issues viewing the video in Safari. it works fine in Firefox and Chrome, though. again, something i'll look into for the next post.

1 comment:

  1. she got beautiful moves.

    only thing that i can critique is some of the gestures towards the very end may be too much. she's moving a lot compared to her tone/inflection. i'd still tween it out though and see. carry on. haha

    looking forward to the final.