Sunday, January 16, 2011

Daily Sketch Challenge A-J

So the great Atlanta snow/ice storm last week kinda threw me off my groove. I worked at home all week which kind of altered my state of mind for working on personal stuff. There's a community at Outcast Studios and "simulcast" on deviantart called the "Daily Sketch Challenge". Every day they post a character (sometimes very obscure!) for everyone to draw. The point is less to come up with a finished work of art (though that's welcome as well) but for 15-20 minute sketches just to get you drawing every day. I figured a good way of jamming myself back onto the drawing wagon was catching up on the current run of alphabet challenges. So here's A-J!

(click for enlarged version)

A is for Azrael, B is for Balder the Brave, C is for Casanova, D is for Dead Girl, E is for Etrigan, F is for Flamebird, G is for The Great Machine, H is for Hourman III, I is for Imorrtus, and J is for Joker (Dark Knight version).

I'm not really familiar with most of these characters (except Joker) so it turned mostly into a fanart lifedrawing project. I'm quite pleased with Balder, Dead Girl, and Flamebird.

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